Speak up to save lives and jobs

COVID-19 infections are rising fast and we’re asking you to speak up to save lives and jobs.

We will send Covid19EconomicIdeas.org subscribers regular messages promoting Covid-19 health protocol compliance. There are five simple behaviours – wearing a mask properly, physical distancing, avoiding indoor events, using CovidAlert, and regular disinfection. We need a nation of champions driving these simple behaviours to protecting us from the virus.

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This is a partnership of the Millennium Labour Council and the Covid-19 Economists Group.

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Message of the day

It is human to want to socialise. But it is inhuman to put loved ones at risk.

It is human to want to socialise, especially at this time of year. So says President Ramaphosa in his Dec 28th address. But this socialising has led to super-spreading events like the one in this video.

Speak Up to avoid such gatherings. It is illegal. And these party-goers put their loved ones’ lives and livelihoods at risk, plus all the other people they happen to come across.

Watch this video from Eusebius Mckaiser who we thank for posting!

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We will draw some of our Message of the Day from the Solidarity Fund’s Unity in Action Behaviour Change Campaign. We thank the Solidarity Fund for this amazing work. You can follow all the Solidarity Fund activities at https://solidarityfund.co.za/unity-in-action/

They can be found on twitter at @SolidarityRSA or on Instagram at Instagram: @solidarityfundrsa

To support the Solidarity Fund’s Campaign for Unity in Action please add to your social media: #UnityinAction

The Millenium Labour Council is a forum of Business and Labour leaders, established in 2000, to explore innovative solutions at a bilateral level, designed to allow parties to explore options, and to build consensus. Speak Up is the result of its recent deliberations on how to respond to a Covid-19 Second Wave.