Welcome to Covid-19 Economic Ideas

POSTED ON: April 17, 2020 IN Blog
by Miriam Altman

This website is home to a network of economists who together are supporting efforts to address the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa.

This is a highly complex and uncertain situation that none of us have before experienced. It will require new thinking that evolves over time.  The idea was to bring together economists who can help think through this complex and uncertain situation and who are already very familiar with policy making, so as to work fast.

The group has a collaborative programme. The work involves making sense of the possible economic impacts, implications for the principles of economic policy making, and making concrete recommendations for short, medium and long term policy decisions.

This website will host the product of this group’s work on Covid-19, and will also make available articles that were found to be most useful.

It is hoped that this site will be a useful resource for the many organisations, experts, policy makers, activists, researchers and other stakeholders who are engaged in finding solutions, in South Africa and also globally.